Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Always in a Hurry...

Why are people always in such a rush?

I'm wondering if this is generational thing or the nature of human beings. I think I'm leaning more toward the generational idea. In a world of smart phones, internet, and microwavable dinners it's almost unavoidable for it to become part of our nature or atleast our expectations and assumptions. We want the "all American dream" and we want it right now. Nevermind that it took our parents years to accumulate what they have now, we want the house, the car, the vacations, the extravagant camper but we want it all in the next five years. Five years...I think that's pretty much the extent of our patience if we're lucky.

So what brought on this little rant of mine? Drivers that are in a hurry.

Yesterday I had two experiences with these type of drivers. First, on my way home from the bank. I was coming up to the line that was formulating at the four-way stop when this car starts squeezing past all of us on the right shoulder to get to the front so they could turn right. He/She narrowly missed sideswiping all of our cars because they couldn't wait the extra two minutes in the line. And please don't get me started on people who go out of turn at four-way stops. Second, I was walking through the parking lot at Superstore after being at the gym and a car stopped for me to cross. As I politely wave thank you and start to cross, another car comes speeding around from behind the other because he didn't want to wait not realizing the car ahead of it had stopped for a pedestrian. Luckily he still had enough time to stop.

Now I will admit that on more than one occasion I have been one of these drivers in a hurry. But for all of you who have heard the story of my accident will now that I have since learned my lesson. I was on 16th Ave on my way to return an item at Bed, Bath, and Beyond before the institute fireside started. I was in a rush to get there so I wouldn't be late. Not wanting to wait for all the traffic and lights on 16th Ave I decided to take 18th Ave. I was going the speed limit but I'll admit I wasn't driving as carefully as I should have. Whether it was my lack of attention or the sign not being visible but I completely ran through the Stop sign without seeing it and hitting the back bumper of the Nissan Versa crossing through. My dad has always taught me that it's better to arrive safely and late. I now have firsthand experience with that.

Why do we have so much trouble waiting? Why do we feel entitlement to have what we want right now without the much needed work? What unnecessary hardships are we placing on ourselves because we are unwilling to wait? What great opportunities or blessings could we be missing out on?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is Made of These...

Since I haven't blogged in awhile I figure as a way to catch up on things I'll make a list of 5 things that have made my life so much better lately and that I'm really grateful for...

1. Roommates
I love my roommates! They are the most amazing group of girls. It's so great knowing that I have some awesome friends to come home to at the end of the day, especially when the day has been challenging. They have really been a great support and example to me. I love our games nights, dance parties in the car, staying up late talking, and spontaneous cookie making (HALF....HALF CUP.....haha good times).

2. The Temple
Last Saturday we had a ward temple trip and picnic afterwards and it was a great time.
Before meeting up with everyone else, Chantelle and I went early to the temple to do a session in the morning. I love everything about the temple and especially those quiet moments that you get. The one temple worker kept making me laugh so hard and I was trying not to but how can anyone laugh in a whisper? haha. Temple trips always bring the ward closer together. After the spirit that was felt in the temple, we went to a nearby park for our picnic. Sister Veroni made amazing food. I was afraid I’d having nothing to eat with being vegetarian but there was tons to choose from. On the way home I had a nice little race with Chris. I won of course :). Although it was touch and go for awhile when I tried to pass him and once my car hit 130km/h my traction control went crazy and my car starting decelerating even though my foot was to the floor. So I turned the traction control off and I was on my way!

3. Body Pump
I’ve always been someone who likes exercising but of course I still find it hard to go to the gym regularly. I discovered Body Pump at the end of March and I love going! I hate it when I have to miss a day! I love being able to push myself and finish the set or track when I feel like I absolutely can’t. I’m disappointed that when the new schedule comes out next week the Thursday class has been replaced with a different one so I’ll have to go to one of the other gyms in Calgary to make up for. Totally worth it though!

4. That One Best Friend
Have you ever had that one best friend that just makes your life better? The one that you talk to about everything and anything? The one that you can fight with and have disagreements with but you still know you’re there for each other and you get through it? I love my best friend.

5. The Book of Mormon
I love this book. There is no book like it at all. Every single time I read it my testimony of how true it is grows a little bit more. I only have to read one verse and immediately I feel comforted and at peace. In the past couple of months my testimony of the Book of Mormon has increased dramatically and I have no doubt that it’s true. I feel it and I know it.