Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Life Without Damon

Before anybody starts wondering who the new man in my life is and what the story is I'll put up a picture of my Damon...
Yes, Damon is my car. Not gonna lie...I do not like being without Damon. I know he's just a car and there are people out there with MUCH bigger problems than me (Japan...) but some days it gets really frustrating realizing that he's still so far away from being repaired (another 3 weeks!). And you combine this with all the other incidents: vandalism to my bumper and tail light, dropping a cheesecake in my car, and a stolen license plate. There's also the fact that I'm making car payments and insurance payments on a car that will have sat there for 6 weeks. For all you mechanics out there, does it really take 6 weeks to turn around a car? Maybe I just know nothing about car repairs but that seems like a long time to me. But I'm trying really really hard to be grateful throughout this whole thing. For example:
1. I'm alive and wasn't injured in the accident.
2. The woman in the other car is alive and wasn't injured in the accident.
3. I do have a car the will eventually come back. There are a lot of people who don't even have the option for a car so I'm very lucky to have one.
4. All the parts will be warrantied by my insurance company for the rest of the time I own my vehicle.
5. All the scratches on the front of my car I didn't like will now be gone.
6. I have insurance to cover the $10,000 cost to repair my car.
7. I get to walk outside a lot more on nice days.
8. I saved money on gas this month.
9. My brand new car alarm system wasn't damaged.
10. The moving date for my office to Airdrie was pushed back again until June so I can still take the bus to work for now.
11. The weather has been nice and I'm not taking the bus in -30C weather.
12. I have wonderful friends and family who help me with rides.
Between the inspiration of Kris Belcher at Time Out for Women and Chantelle's lesson at FHE last night, I am choosing to just keep laughing and pushing through. And what better way to start then a dance party in the car on the way home from FHE with my friends! Honestly, I laughed so hard and it's so true...laughter is the best medicine!

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